About me…

I’m James Cronen. I write software for a living. At present, I also manage a team of developers. Both avocations are differently rewarding and maddening, usually at the same time.

I’ve written software professionally in C#, Java, Perl, C, and Fortran. I may have also done a little COBOL, but that’ll have to remain our little secret.

I’ve developed an appreciation for user experience design over the past few years, and although I would never call myself a designer, I think I have a pretty good eye for it. I do plenty of UX work nowadays too.

I’ve been a semi-professional classical musician, though I’m mostly retired now. I’m a baseball (Mets) fan, hockey (Maple Leafs) fan, juggler, gamer (table-top and the very occasional role-playing game), writer, homebrewer, and geek.

I live in upstate New York with my wife and two boys.


Just so we’re clear, everything I write on this blog is my own personal opinion and is not necessarily the view of my employer, wife, children, or personal witch doctor.

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